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The question is always this:

I’ve always dreamed of doing something I love, but I’m afraid to take the LEAP.


I always tell my clients… “If your heart is telling you to go after your dreams then do it!”

It’s hard to imagine that you can quit your job, set your intentions on doing what you love, and the rest will take care of itself. Well, it will! If you have faith and love what you are doing, the money will become a byproduct of  that which you have put all of your hopes and dreams into.


“How do I pay my bills?” “Where is the money going to come from?” “How do I know I will make enough money?”

The answer to that question is easy to explain, but hard to understand. If you are on your path you will always have abundance. That’s right…. You’re gonna be rich! You will just need to trust your heart. You are literally being guided by spirits on the other-side that want you to only do what you love every day. If you want to sit in the park all day and feed pigeons, or if you have a lifetime goal of becoming the fastest basket weaver in the world….. all you have to do is trust.

Set your intentions on what you want. Don’t focus on “how” you will get it, focus on “WHAT.” One way or another you will get what you want. If you are afraid or doubting, ask your higher guidance for help. They want you to love life, and they won’t let you fall!


“So how do I take the leap?” “When is it safe?”

You will need to set an intention. Once you do that, everything will come together to make that intention happen. If you aren’t happy at your job and you have to force yourself to go there everyday, you are wasting your life. Eventually, by the laws of the universe, the thing that you hate so much will fall away. That which does not serve us, our souls, our growth, have no place in our lives. We need to start and end our days with love, and confidence. You will never fail if you take a LEAP with love and faith in your heart. You must always feel that what you are doing in this world is the reason you are here.

Do you want to live to pay bills or do you want to do only what you love?

To do your work with love, that is the most important thing!