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I recently received a yelp review from, Kate K. of Pasadena, CA. She was a recent client that attended one of my group sessions a while back. She brings up a good point about writing down some secret questions before your reading! You don’t have to show them to me, I will just answer them for you.

“Hillary picked up on some interesting things about my grandfather who had passed. things that I had completely forgotten until she mentioned them!
It’s very important to have formulated and written down questions before going into a reading. I was in a group reading with three other people and I was the only one who had questions written on a piece of paper, in my purse. Hillary kept coming back to me. She was spot on about many details of my grandfathers, who had passed, and she told me something another (very well known) medium had told me 6 months prior – the exact thing!
I think she is excellent…..but part of it is up to the client to be very aware and have questions in mind.”