Our thoughts and feelings are physical energy. What we think and feel comes right back to us. This is what we call “The Law of Attraction.”
It’s important to always feel gratitude and love of everything you have. You have a lot to be thankful for! Be sure to count your blessings every single day. When you realize what you have, and show gratitude, you just keep on getting more.
Here are some steps for attracting the things that you want:
1. First you must be able to quiet your mind
We all get busy sometimes. It is so important to sit down for 15-20 mins and meditate. While you do this, be sure you are releasing all thoughts or feelings. You should feel like you just woke up when you come out of your meditation. Your mind should be clear and you should have only feelings of love and gratitude. It may take some practice, so be sure to do this everyday.

2. Clear Intentions– You must have clear intentions for what you want. Write it down, write a letter to god, or make a list. These are all good ways of setting intention.

3.Following your Heart– Wake up everyday, and only do what you love. Whatever it takes, you need to go through your day only doing what you love. Our guides guide us through love, so you must always follow in love. As long as you are following your heart, you won’t fail, you won’t fall, you will only achieve greatness!

4. Show Gratitude– Thank the universe for everything you have. While you are thanking the universe be sure to feel the gratitude you have for all of your blessings. This will only help you attract more of the good things that you have.

5. Put Energy into What You Love– Newton’s Law States that when we put energy into something it moves. That same law also applied to the things in our lives that we want to see materialize. If you want your business to attract a lot of energy, put a lot of your loving energy into it. People who are attracted to love will come in large masses to you as clients. The more love you put into it, the more people will come.
It’s all about Love!

This method is very easy to put to work, and once you start using it you should see some results within a few weeks. Good Luck!