Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone, and thinking “I feel like I already know this person?” It isn’t your imagination, It probably means you’ve met a soulmate.

The fact is that we’ve lived several lives, and have had several different kinds of relationships with many people. Some of which we have reincarnated with in this lifetime. These soulmates don’t always have to be lovers, or romantic relationships, they can also be friendships, or even people that that we just can’t quite build a friendship with.

I’ve found that there are two types of soulmates.

Level One-  This is what is considered on this side to be your one and only soulmate or “Twin Soul.” This is someone who you meet and cannot live without. Typically these relationships start out mild, and become intense very quickly.  You won’t feel the connection until you really open up to this person and they open up to you. Your connection with this person is very intense. It feels like this person is apart of your soul in some way. It feels like you just can’t seem to get close enough to this person. Everyone has one level one soulmate somewhere in the universe.

Level Two- These soulmates can play many different roles in your life. These would be considered people of your soul family; people that you reincarnate with again, and again. In this lifetime, they could have reincarnated as brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, friends, and spouses. These individuals usually come back with you to help you learn what you are supposed to learn, in some way. Most of the time, they feel very familiar to us, as if we had met them before. In a lot of cases, they work out very well as romantic relationships. It just depends on the intention of the relationship, and what you came into this world to learn with them.

If you’ve met someone and you feel like they could be a soulmate, you are probably right. Our gut instincts are our strongest indicator of the soul’s truth!

Here are some signs that you have met an actual soulmate:

1. You feel like you already know them.

2. You are comfortable around them automatically.

3. The energy between you seems very easy going, you aren’t in a rush to get to know this person.

4. Coincidences of situations in life. It may feel like you’ve been living parallel lives.

5. Generally, these soulmates appear in a more mature phase of life.

6. Don’t feel the need to be sexual right away, but feel the desire.

7. You are able to look this person in the eye comfortably.

8. The love you have for this person is an extremely intense type of love.

Be sure to trust your heart and know that what you are feeling is real.